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Digital Documentation in Orthodontics

Have Diagnostic Digital Model?
Have an Digital Documentation!

DDP-Ortho (with the medical certifacate CE 0197) is Free of Charge, an advanced user-friendly software package that allows you to perform all analyses and treatment planning with greater ease, accuracy and efficiency.

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IPA – Individually Projected Appliances

Orthodontic appliances made on the basis of digital models. Practitioners have the ability to individual choice of brackets and plan their position on the tooth using computer screen. For bonding the appliance is added special, very precise printed 3D transfer jig’s, which ensures maximum accuracy of the procedure. All based on cad/cam concept. Ready for local labs and clinician cooperation.

Interdysciplinary Digital Platform


Self-ligating brackets

„Friction between the bracket and the wire can inhibit the movement of the teeth in the right direction, and cause the loss of an anchor. To reduce friction and time of visits made brackets, which the channel is closed metal lid or clip. Self-ligating brackets adopted the name because the system is built-in bracket.
Prof. dr hab. n. med. Anna Komorowska



Miofunctional Trainers

These appliances correct the abnormal muscular functional habits before, during and after orthodontic treatment.
The TMJ System™ allows immediate and effective diagnosis and treatment for many patients.
There are other trainers: protectors for sportsmen to prevent bruxingi, retainers, bleaching tray.

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