Consultation is a part of doctor profession (Knowledge transfer).

Courses, case presentation, students meetings are generally way of “consultation”.

All doctors love direct consultation on their own patient if possible. Or they just ask for such consultation option.

This is possible to explore this option using DDP-Ortho or DDS-Pro based solution. Software for professionals in orthodontics, orthognathic surgery and implantology.

3D virtual visualization in connected to today’s 3D printers gives an opportunity for every practitioner to get treatment plan and be supported by diagnose during medical highly precise procedure.
Borderless, detailed, easy access and predicted communication and performance.

Patient files exchange via email or request for support with ready solution of web consultation on speaker’s web page (free or commercial consultation possible). And then the technical part of consultation process will be automatized as  much as possible for easy management.

Orthodontic consultants may provide – diagnosis, treatment planning, digital brackets positioning (IPA 3D printed jigs) and digital set-up for In-House A-ligners production.

Surgeons consultants may provide – diagnosis, treatment planning and digital implant positioning (3D printed surgery guide).

Jaw surgeons consultants may provide – diagnosis, treatment planning, digital jaw positioning (3D printed surgery wafer), options for interdisciplinary cooperation with orthodontists.

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