Functional and production variants of virtual models

Digital Documentation in Orthodontics

Have Diagnostic Digital Model?

Have an Digital Documentation!

With DDP-Ortho files you can store measurements so that they are completely traceable which allows for confirmation of diagnostic results.

The only one orthodontics software CAD/CAM with the medical certifacate CE 0197

Download free software:

DDP-Ortho Version 2.2.2019 - Windows

Download DDP-Ortho (Windows) – 98 MB

DDP-Ortho Version 2.2.2019 - Mac

Download DDP-Ortho (Mac) – 85 MB

Certified manufacturer JST sp. z o.o.
Czestochowa, Waly Dwernickiego 43/45

DDP-Ortho  – 
is a software dedicated for support of orthodontic treatment, 3D visualisation of the bite models, bracket positions planning, bracket positioning support, intended for professional use.

Orthodontists are coming across so many questions of regarding digital technology of today. There are so many that arise, but always the main questions are: what can it do for me?, how does it work? 

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