Does the Patient pay for the whole treatment with a fixed
appliances e. g. *USD 3.250?

– this means that an hour of the doctor’s work is worth USD 293

* for data used in the calculations see overleaf

The orthodontists who have already adopted the systems of custom-made appliances and archwires can see the largest advantages in: A shorter period of treatment (44.6%) in comparison to a standard treatment. Other advantages refer to chair time required per patient (36.2%), precision of clinical activities (37.7%) and costs (37.7%).

Research published on 16.11.2012


Ready for the brackets you use


No risk. You buy your appliance
only then, when you have a Patient.
In practice, generating
additional costs should be avoided. It is unprofessional to keep the
material in a drawer all year round. Interest
on your capital grows best in a bank, not in a drawer.


You don’t like it?

You received delivery from IPA® – it didn’t meet your expectations – you call us – you resign – we close down your account with IPA® – we give you your money back. No risk. We return the difference in price between the material (brackets + tubes) and IPA®. Of course we take into account your permanent discounts while calculating prices for correcting invoices. This is our response to a growing competition on the orthodontic services market. Full control.

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*- Average Profit in year from 1 patient divided by time of All visits per 1 patient (minutes) Each 20 minutes less of patent service is equal to profitability grow by 3%. 3% from 3.252 USD = 97,50 USD
Conclusion – Efficiency of work provide business.
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