1. Aligners are orthodontic devices capable to move teeth as efficiently as fixed orthodontics.
    The way they move teeth is different though and must be taken into account during the planning of the case. The apply force systems in a different way but the bone response is the same and must be considered in the treatment planning process.
  2. Dental technicians do not have the knowledge to correct malocclusions. Orthodontic knowledge is mandatory to correctly perform aligner’s treatment.
  3. Software and aligner material are constantly evolving and improving. The bone response to orthodontic forces is always the same and sound knowledge of bone biology and biomechanics are essential. Relying on technicians and software only will probably end up with disappointment as shown by the countless companies that are and are going bankrupt due to client dissatisfaction.
  4. Performing aligner treatment is actually performing orthodontics. Dental models only are not enough. Full orthodontic records should be performed and studied before set-up final occlusion. Always Clinician is responsible for treatment output. We give tools in DDP-Ortho software for this work to by done easy by clinician.
  5. A correct prescription should be sent to the technician with instructions of the problem list and goals of treatment. It is common workflow with any other appliances in orthodontics where technician cooperation is required. Now correct prescription in 3D is digital set-up model with final occlusion seen on the screen by technician. Prescription is based on all diagnostic materials available by clinician today (model, picture etc)
  6. Understanding and mastering biomechanical concepts of tooth movement is a must. Plastic like wires are only there to perform the prescribed movements.
  7. The movement’s build in the software must be based on sound biomechanical and biological concepts. Movements created by software may not be expressed if they are not correctly planned.
  8. Aligners are not magic. They do not create bone, replace orthognathic surgery and have inherent limitations in their ability to move teeth. All these factors must be taken into consideration prior to starting an aligner case.
  9. Realistic expectations must be given to the patient.
  10. It is very easy to start an aligner case but much more complicated to finish it to patient satisfaction. The success of the aligner treatment is usually set at the onset of treatment during case selection , case diagnosis and case preparation. This is why we are deeply recommend use diagnostic software first before digital set-up of occlusion for aligner
  11. Unrealistic expectations will oftentimes result in patient dissatisfaction and frustration from the provider. Do not bite more than you can chew.

This is why we present In House technology of A-ligner. DDP-Ortho is software for clinicians they agree with what we think about aligners.

Complete digital diagnostic first and design of digital set-up as second procedure.

Download and play with DDP-Ortho software. You may do your aligners locally, In-House. With access to reliable dental technician, 3D printing technology you may easy manage now your In-house aligners.

Software is free as we disembark magic of “clin check. You are designer and process manager. Any associate work for you on target define by you. This is local CAD/CAM option.

For those who less experienced our technology may help to contact with other clinician to get assistance/consultations.

To confirm your diagnosis and treatment plan by other clinicians with experience in orthodontics treatment just send a file. You are free to trust any of your colleagues, clinicians who may help in consultation.

Software is for free any you may exchange files each other and move digital teeth.

We may tech you, your technicians and anybody else who is involved in your practice to get knowledge how to do In House A-ligners.

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