Digital Documentation in Orthodontics (CE 0197)

DDP-Ortho is a free, professional, and user-friendly software, which meets the strict criteria of the Electronic Health Record (HER). It supports diagnostics by automatic analysis, facilitates the development and visualization of the treatment plan, ensures precision and provides possibilities which are not available using traditional analogue methods. DDP-Ortho is compatible with DDS-Pro software as applied in implantology and surgery. It is subject to annual CE audits, meets EU safety requirements, as few among many others.


Digital system for designing and fabricating aligners – „In House”

Comfortable and independent development of a treatment plan and set-up of the occlusion by the dental professional using the diagnostic virtual models DDP-Ortho enables aligners to be self-made. Support of technician is only required for scheduled (set-ups) as requested by the dental professional. The basis for this kind of work is DDP-Ortho (as a tool for diagnostics and treatment planning). It can be additionally supplemented (in Ortonet software) by registering data required when providing services and communicating with the patient in dental medical practice.

IPA – Individually Projected Appliances

Precise designed digital positioning of braces is done in a few minutes on a digital model of the patient’s malocclusion. Using the free of charge, highly specialized DDP-Ortho software, dental professionals precisely determine the desired position of brackets on each tooth. The accuracy of bracket positioning is ensured by special jigs individually prepared using the 3D prints.


Software for Implantologists and Jaw Surgeons

DDS-Pro software is intended to support diagnostics and planning of placement of dental implants and dental surgery. It is compatible with DDP-Orthodontic software. DDS-Pro is a certified tool which meets EU safety requirements, as few among many others. The safety requirements are arising from annual CE audits and our know-how. When carrying out the procedure, the dental professional is supported by a print-out of his design from a 3D printer.


Management system for dental practice and orthodontic offices

In addition to modules such as „Medical Practice Management” or “Patient’s Chair Time Management”, Ortonet software allows for carrying out cephalometric images, digital set-up, and simulation of treatment with fixed appliance or A-ligner and is based on the DDP-Ortho software. The softwarealso support data from Cone Beam CT, and is also available in mobile version, meets GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation) requirements, and is multilingual. It enables digital communication with the patient (text message, viewing individual parts of documentation).


Digital Technical Studio

Software for dental technicians, 3D printing houses and clinicians.


Web page consultation. What’s that ?

Consultation is a part of doctor profession (Knowledge transfer). Courses, case presentation, students meetings are generally way of “consultation”. All doctors love direct consultation on their own patient if possible. Or they just ask for such consultation option. This is possible to explore this option using DDP Ortho or DDS Pro based solution. Software for professionals in orthodontics, orthognatic surgery and implantology.