Opening and automatic model analysis


Basic measurements

Adding photos

Create notes and add files

Performing cephalometry

Positioning of virtual brackets (CAM ready)

Carriere Motion selection and fixation (visualisation)

Tooth segmentation

Manual Set up by technician or clinician

Semi-automatic Set up by clinician

Semi-automatic Set up with extraction by clinician

Set up on brackets by clinician

Design of aligner attachments by clinician

Self control and acceptance of aligner sequences (before lab procedures)

DSD smile simulation

Adding a phantom tooth (space camuflage)

DTS – Digital Technical Studio

Software for dental technicians, orthodontic laboratories,
orthodontic clinics and chains, 3D printers houses, scanners producer.

Dental Model Builder

Diagnostic Model Editor

Aligners Planner

Indirect Bracket placement – IPA (Individually Projected Appliances)