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Individually Projected Appliances (IPA)

Program DDP-Ortho (wersja Windows)
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A short video guide to IPA

IPA – Procedure

IPA (Individually Projected Appliances) is a system that allows for positioning brackets on the actual model of a patient’s occlusion, which has been digitalized by

With the aid of specialized DDP-Ortho software (free of charge) a doctor can very carefully determine the position of the bracket on each individual tooth, making the best possible use of his or her knowledge on the subject. The doctor has several bracket systems to choose from, beginning with the traditional double wing brackets and ending with self-ligating ones.


At the beginning the software positions brackets according to specific principles pre-defined for the selected bracket system, placing the slot of a bracket at the appropriate distance from the cutting edge of a tooth. Depending on the type of patient’s malocclusion and individual characteristics of their dentition, the doctor may freely adjust that initial positioning by moving the brackets in the occlusive-alveolar or mesial-distal direction and determining their angulation.


After the position of the bracket on each tooth has been approved, the laboratory prepares positioners that will carefully project the positions of brackets determined on the digital model onto actual teeth.


The doctor receives from the laboratory positioners for both dental arches with embedded brackets that he or she chose at the stage of appliance preparation.


The design of the positioner enables steady placement of the bracket on a tooth and facilitates the application of glue onto the bracket base, as it is accessible from three sides. For the sake of convenience, while inserting the positioner into a patient’s mouth it can be divided into smaller fragments, but it is recommended that it be divided into segments encompassing at least two teeth so that it will be steadily placed. After gluing on and irradiating brackets, the positioners can be very easily removed by the doctor.

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