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Individually Projected Appliances (IPA)

Orthodontic appliance is made on the basis of the (3D) digital diagnostic model and the your’s doctor treatment plan. The doctor has the ability to individual choice of brackets and plan their position on the tooth while working at the computer. For fixing the appliance are very special precision transfers made individually for each patient, which ensures maximum accuracy of the procedure in the patient’s mouth.



New generation Brackets – Self-ligating (SL)

The clinically proven treatment that aligns teeth gently and positively changes the face aesthetic, in most cases, no extraction and without breaking palatal suture. It uses phenomenon of sliding mechanism that does not require large forces to move teeth. As a result, not only your treatment takes less time and requires fewer visits to the orthodontist, but it is much more convenient than treatment with traditional brackets.



Myofunctional correction and treatment of malocclusion without braces

75% of our growing population are already showing signs of malocclusion and incorrect facial development. What are the causes?

Soft tissue dysfunction (habits including mouth breathing, incorrect tongue position and function and incorrect swallowing activity) restricts forward development of the jaws and face; leaving insufficient space for the teeth.


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