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Self-ligating brackets


„Friction between the bracket and the wire can inhibit the movement of the teeth in the right direction, and cause the loss of an anchor. To reduce friction and time of visits made brackets, which the channel is closed metal lid or clip. Self-ligating brackets adopted the name because the system is built-in bracket. The concept is not new, but its revival in the years 80.XX century. Among the advantages are mentioned less friction, better slip mechanism, better control of rotation and less working time at the chair.
Currently, there are different types of self-ligating mechanisms: rigid Clip (Damon System, In-Ovation) or spring (Speed​​) and spring wall of the bracket retaining wire (Smart-Clip).

Prof. dr hab. n. med. Anna Komorowska
Orthodontics appliances. Part 1, Moja Praktyka no.4 winter 2012

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