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Myofunctional correction and treatment of malocclusion without braces


75% of our growing population are already showing signs of malocclusion and incorrect facial development. What are the causes?

Soft tissue dysfunction (habits including mouth breathing, incorrect tongue position and function and incorrect swallowing activity) restricts forward development of the jaws and face; leaving insufficient space for the teeth. Correcting these poor habits improves general health and allows children to develop properly and reach their full genetic potential.

Treatment success depends on the patient correcting their own poor myofunctional habits. In this treatment are helpful Trainers, properly chosen depending on the age and malocclusion. The patient’s treatment goals go further than just having straight teeth, these include: correct breathing through the nose, lips together at rest, correct tongue position, no overactivity of the lower lip muscles when swallowing, optimal facial development, correct occlusion, straight teeth and no retainers required.

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