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New generation Brackets – Self-ligating (SL)


The clinically proven treatment that aligns teeth gently and positively changes the face aesthetic, in most cases, no extraction and without breaking palatal suture. It uses phenomenon of sliding mechanism that does not require large forces to move teeth. As a result, not only your treatment takes less time and requires fewer visits to the orthodontist, but it is much more convenient than treatment with traditional brackets. Self-ligating brackets do not have to be a “bind” and are gentle to the teeth and tissues. In other types of brackets are used elastic ligatures or active clip to “bind” wires to the brackets. Elastic ligatures and active clips can act as a “brake” there () upon is friction and pressure resulting in a longer and less comfortable treatment.

Self-ligating brackets; Carriere SLX and In-Ovation system are available in IPA technique (Individual Projected Appliances) – The orthodontist can carefully design the position of brackets on the tooth based on the digital model advantage of a specialized computer program.

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