Who are we?

We are a Polish brand associated with the dental industry since 1993. -ligner® and (Individually Projected Appliances) were developed based on 3D technologies since 1999. Since then, we have created and delivered many solutions for professionals such as:

  • orthodontists
  • implantology
  • maxillofacial surgeons
  • dentists

We have also provided solutions in the field of computed tomography. These are software and technological solutions in the field of diagnostic support and treatment planning, which are then conveyed into the patient’s treatment plan. They require highly qualified engineering skills and extensive medical knowledge. Our team has these competencies.

For many years, we have used a wide range of advanced 3D technologies for our solutions, some of which include:

  • 3D scanners
  • 3D printers
  • 3D teeth positioning simulators

Our solutions in orthodontics include -ligner® appliances and (for accurate and precise designing and bonding of fixed braces). These solutions originate from years of knowledge, which allow each dentist to independently design a patient’s bite, and most importantly, complete the -ligner® appliances according to the “In-house” approach (locally, in the setting of their own laboratory) at a later time.

-ligner® and are based on 3D CAD/CAM technology.

We are the pioneers in creating solutions that avoid the production of aligners in a factory by unknown specialists. We allow the dentist, whom the patient trusts, to conduct the entire planning and treatment course in a manner that is best suited for the patient.
These solutions are custom and unique, and are now also available to use with the “In-House” approach.